Elevate Industry

Energize Existing Industries

Idaho companies and industries are the drivers of the state’s economy. Idaho makes it a priority to help them succeed by supporting their growth, reducing their costs, and advancing their technological capabilities.

What We're Doing:

Idaho Commerce is facilitating expert teams that assist state departments to “go deep” to better understand Idaho industry needs. We’re also expanding collaboration between Idaho companies—encouraging them to source products and services locally and supporting locally driven growth of emerging industry sectors throughout the state.

Empower Business Opportunities

To succeed, companies must be able to focus on their core business. Idaho offers a hassle-free business environment: streamlined and responsive government services, and fair and consistent regulatory requirements. As a small state, Idaho can be nimble, allowing us to respond to the needs of the nation’s industries.

What We're Doing:

Idaho offers limited regulation, customized digital business resources and tools, and a Rapid Response Team of key state government officials that responds quickly to companies interested in doing business in Idaho.

Invigorate Innovation & Research

Technology and innovation advance existing industries and continually create new ones. With three research universities and the Idaho National Laboratory—along with leading industry innovators—Idaho is able to harness new technologies and embrace new innovations.

What We're Doing:

Governor Otter’s initiatives to regionally expand the Center for Advance Energy Studies (CAES), advance the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) program, and support the work of the Leadership in Nuclear Energy (LINE) Commission are solidifying Idaho as a worldwide leader in innovation and research.