Advance Individuals

Engineer Talent Pipelines

Creating talent pipelines—pools of highly qualified people able to step into Idaho’s key industries—is critical to accelerating the state’s economy. Idaho colleges, universities, professional technical programs, and the Idaho Departments of Commerce and Labor are already working together to develop a workforce that’s specially trained to advance Idaho’s leading industries.

What We're Doing:

Idaho is developing industry-specific task forces to guide the development of talent pipelines. The Idaho Department of Labor’s Workforce Development Training Fund Grants are being refocused to provide advanced skills and capabilities for Idaho’s leading industries, and industry sector grants are being targeted to specific industry training and education needs.

Cultivate K-Through-Career

Governor Otter has declared education a top priority for Idaho, specifically supporting education and training that span “K-through-Career.” By developing a continuum of opportunities, we’ll foster a lifetime of learning and expanded skill sets for all Idahoans.

What We're Doing:

Idaho is implementing recommendations from its Task Force for Improving Education, including enhanced use of technology in the classroom; greater focus on science, technology, and math education; and more aggressive facilitation of dual-credit programs that allow high school students to earn college credits.

Expand High-Quality Jobs

For Idaho to remain competitive, we need to increase the number of jobs that provide a livable wage. We can do this by improving our education outcomes, attracting industries that generate higher-wage jobs, and creating strategic talent pipelines to support these industries.

What We're Doing:

In 2014, Governor Otter signed the Tax Reimbursement Incentive, which encourages new and expanding businesses to create jobs with wages above the average county wage, increasing access to high-paying jobs throughout the state.