Strengthen Communities

Inspire Community Vitality

Each Idaho community, whether urban or rural, has its own unique potential. Idaho Commerce and other state partners are helping communities leverage their strengths to attract businesses and increase tourism—while retaining their character.

What We're Doing:

Idaho helps communities participate in programs like Main Street, an initiative that revitalizes our downtowns, and provides community training curriculum to encourage and prepare for growth. We also offer block grants, technical assistance, and other resources to improve the overall economic health of Idaho’s communities and help them become “destinations” for commerce.

Advance Infrastructure

Infrastructure is critical to an expanding economy. Our roads, bridges, and airports, and our water, sewer, and power sources must have the capacity to serve future growth. Idaho must also accelerate our technical infrastructure—like broadband and high-speed wireless—to be more competitive to industry.

What We're Doing:

Idaho will proactively examine our infrastructure needs to ensure the state is poised for economic development opportunities. This includes exploring a long-term funding strategy for transportation and implementing programs like the Idaho Opportunity Fund, which provides infrastructure grants to municipalities to help them attract new business opportunities.

Galvanize Regional Collaboration

The spirit of collaboration can elevate communities, industries, and the entire state. Drawing Idaho’s communities and industries together with competitive regional strategies creates momentum that will continue for generations. We are rallying the whole state with the mantra “Team Idaho,” encouraging us to work together for the benefit of the state and building a foundation to lead the nation. When one wins, we all win.

What We're Doing:

Through regional “Team Idaho” meetings, state and local partners can continue to develop industry cluster-based strategies that ensure we’re all moving forward toward a common goal.